“33” excites consumers in Jos, Uyo, Port Harcourt


The ”33 Export lager beer is supporting “33” Export Friendship Experience parties has continued to excite consumers in different parts of the country. The parties, which started yesterday in Port Harcourt, will be held today in Jos and tomorrow in Uyo.

In a statement, the company said “33” Export Lager Beer connects and engages with its target consumers by celebrating friendship and friends across the country.

It said the brand had commenced this year’s Experiential Parties in March, and has hosted several top DJs and Comedians in the entertainment industry to thrill consumers with the best of music, games and comedy experiences. The experiential parties are targeted at bringing to live the values of the brand, and deepening the bond that exists between the brand and its customers.

“My friends and I have not attended an event this interesting in a while. It is not just about the party, but the ambience of friendship, memories, and wonderful stories that we can share from this,” Abba Cornelius, a winner and guest at the event held in Abuja, said.

“This week, the experiential parties will hold in Uyo, Jos and Port Harcourt. Lovers of “33” Export Lager Brand outside these cities need not feel left out, as they and their friends in those other cities across the country will definitely have a taste of this remarkable experience,” he said.

According to the Portfolio Manager, Mainstream Lager and Stout, Nigerian Breweries, Emmanuel Agu, the parties are part of the brand’s commitment to creating memorable experiences for consumers of “33” Export Lager Beer wherever they are.

“In line with the brand positioning as “Your No. 1 Friendship Beer”, the brand has continued to create consumer experiences that bring our consumers together, recognising that those moments are memorable to our consumers,” Agu said. “We have successfully created an opportunity for them to connect, and we can promise our dedication towards a more engaging and memorable experience for all our consumers across the country.”

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