35 Biafra agitators released in Port Harcourt


There was jubilation among pro-Biafra agitators when a chief magistrate court in Port Harcourt in Rivers state acquitted and ordered the release of 35 pro-Biafra protesters.

The 35 people were members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) who were arrested during their rally in support of American president, Donald Trump in January.

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According to NAN, Magistrate Sokari Andrew-Jaja asked that they discharged because there wasn’t substantial evidence to charge them.

The magistrate also criticised the police for detaining them for more than 30 days.

David Onyema who is the counsel to the released IPOB members faulted the police for keeping them in detention.

“This matter has been adjourned several times simply because the Police and DPP failed to come up with any evidence against my clients.

“Those men have been remanded in prison for more than thirty days. Then why do you keep holding if you don’t have anything against them.

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“The Magistrate told them that if there is no noble course against the defendants it will be in the interest of the Police and the DPP to stand down the trial.

“We commend the court for its bravery in taking this decision.”

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