Abia ex-Governor Kalu backs state police



Former Abia State Governor Orji Uzor Kalu has backed the call for the establishment of state police across the country.

The frontline businessman and publisher said it would address insecurity challenges in states.

Kalu addressed reporters yesterday at the Aba High Court during this year’s annual general meeting (AGM)/Law Week of the Aba branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).

He allayed fears that the creation of state police would lead to using its officers by governors to fight their perceived political enemies.

The former governor also joined the call for the restructuring of the country, saying the current administrative structure is a “unitary democracy”.

Kalu said the country should be split into eight to 10 regions to accommodate the inadequacies of the nation’s structures.

He said: “I have always supported restructuring remember when I was governor. I called for state police, which the then Military President Ibrahim Babangida is calling for today. During the first year in my first tenure in 2000, I called for state police, having tackled the problem of criminal activities in Aba by creating Bakassi (Abia State Vigilance Group).

“I called for state police, since we were not having enough men from the police. That was why Bakassi was created and they brought peace to Aba.

“The states are too many. We should even split this country into eight to 10 zones; the six zones are not attractive. We should split it to eigh to 10 zones that will be independent and pay taxes to the Federal Government. We have outgrown what I’ll call a unitary democracy. We are in unitary democracy and we should have outgrown this.

“This is why you see some of our boys here in the East carrying flags and shouting Biafra. And in the Niger Delta, they are carrying flags, doing militancy. This is why you have Boko Haram. Once we have fiscal Federalism, we will get away from unitary democracy.”







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