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It is cheering news for residents of Aba, particularly those residing or doing business on Port Harcourt road and environs, following Abia State Government’s decision to rehabilitate the dilapidated road.
Port Harcourt road is strategic to the economy of the State, as it hosts machine tool fabricators, however that road is not accessible at the moment.
Enyinnaya Apolos, chief press secretary to the Abia State Governor, who revealed this to BUSINESSDAY, stated that work would commence on the failed road in about four weeks time.
According to him, “Bearing in mind that all Federal roads leading into Aba, including Port Harcourt and Ikot-Ekpene Roads were left to deteriorate for many years, Abia state Government is already concluding plans to engage Setraco Construction Company that is already working on Faulk Road to also move to Port Harcourt Road Aba.
“The truth is that Port Harcourt Road in Aba, is not just bad, but completely not motorable and the good news is that Governor Ikpeazu cannot continue to wait for the Federal Government, consequently, he is going ahead to rehabilitate Port Harcourt road with the same standard on Faulks Road, where Setraco is currently working”.
He urged Aba residents to be patient with the State Government, which according to him, has good plans for the commercial city in the days ahead.
Bonnie Iwuoha, State’s commissioner for Information had expressed optimism that there are strong plans to get Port Harcourt road renovated this year (2017).
He therefore appealed to residents to continue to pray for Governor Ikpeazu, and cooperate with his Government and Government functionaries to deliver his promises to them.
“The contractors, who are working in Aba, need the support of all Abians and residents of Aba, therefore let people support them and protect their equipment and let people encourage them, because better days are ahead”.
In his words, “And after Faulks road, other roads will also get attention. There is a very strong plan to get Port Harcourt road renovated and one is optimistic that 2017 is going to see a brand new PortHarcourt road in Aba and people in Aba will be very happy.
“Other roads are also coming up as God blesses us with funds, better things are going to happen to Abians and Aba people in particular.
Iwuoha, however thanked God for seeing the people through 2016-the year of recession.
He urged all Abians to maintain their faith and confidence in God that He who started it all, who allowed them to go through this period, will also see them through it and give them better moments ahead of time.
He urged Abians to continue to pray for the Governor and his Government that God would continue to use him to do good works.
“Let God protect him, in his going out and coming in. even if it is for the sake of Abians, let God let the economy to improve, so that Abia State, could have more money to embark on good developmental projects.
Meanwhile, as rehabilitation of Faulks road continues after the yuletide, the State Government has started the reconstruction of St Pauls road-off Aba Owerri Road, to provide alternative route for motorists plying Ariaria and Ossisioma axis.
It will also decongest traffic on Aba-Owerri and Faulks roads, as construction on Faulks road intensifies.
Omenazu and Umuatako roads all in Umungasi, are also currently under rehabilitation, while adjoining Amaechi and Nwigwe streets, would take their turns in a matter of days.
It is expected that these roads will further provide diversions away from bad portions of Federal Government owned Aba-Owerri road, as well as, link patrons to Ariaria, through Faulks road and Omenazu.
Meanwhile MCC road linking Aba-Owerri road to Faulks road from Abayi area to Ariaria international market is also under rehabilitation and job expected to be completed within weeks.

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