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The perfidious political situation of Abia is a good subject for democratic research. There are no infrastructural development, civil servants are owed several months of salaries, and pensioners are dying daily as a result of depression occasioned by over 10 months of pension owed them in the last eight years. Abia State’s retired civil servants have not received their gratuities and most of them have died in frustration after putting in 35 years of their best in service to the State. Over 50 per cent allocation from the Federation Account goes into private pockets while all the internally generated revenue are shared among the members of the Abia political cabal. Unfortunately, while these injustices are meted out to the citizens of Abia, a few members of the Abia political cabal continue, without shame, their ostentatious life style while their spin-doctors are busy protecting their political oddities. Abia people have allowed a few political scoundrels to turn their state into a political fiefdom. Everything about the state is comatose and will continue to get worse, except if there is a strong political will power from the Abia electorate to raise a “David” to bring down these perfidious political Goliaths.

This political pillage and fiscal irresponsibility in Abia has been sustained for almost two decades through propaganda, intimidation, organised political cabal, divide and rule; and wide spread poverty. For the purpose of next elections, a lot of money has been stashed away with the intention of coaxing our highly gullible and ignorant youths who are used as Cannon fodders but quickly dropped as hot potatoes after the elections. Relevant government institutions are priced to the point of compromise. Our traditional institutions are gagged or their voices muffled with money stolen from us to achieve their inordinate ambition. There is a palpable fear among Abia people that if the political excesses that has been going on in the state is allowed to continue, Abia will continue to degenerate both economically and socially. The feeling is that the state is fast drifting towards a dangerous political precipice and may end up being irredeemable. The snag is raising a champion that has the strength of character, political will power and the where withal to revise the ugly trend. But, the expected change lies with the people, the electorate and of course the desired mentality. Political power lies with the people and their resolve upsets the political equation, either positively or negatively. Personally, I am contemplating on how long Abia people will remain a political donkey the Abia political cabal will ride to death, with their consent.

During the People Democratic Party (PDP) primaries in 2014 a young man threw his hat in the ring with the desire to salvage Abia and convincingly won the party primaries but at a point the result of the primaries was declared at the living room of one of the Abia political Behemoths in favour of their political surrogate and lap dog. The institutions that the aggrieved winner of the PDP primaries was supposed to seek redress turned a deaf ear, or compromised. At the end of the day mediocrity, as always has been the cash, was foisted on Abia people to continue the well planned, articulated and sustained political brigandage that has destroyed the state for close to twenty years. If the Abia electorate do not rise up to the occasion and take their political destiny in their own hands, the ugly and despicable political situation may play out again in 2019 while the political enslavement will continue unabated.
In the build up to the 2015 polls, like the proverbial Tortoise, the Abia electorate demonstrated their desire to dance but restricted by her shell. The time to cast off the shell is now. The idea of political zoning is a primordial political sentiment aimed at subjugating the masses, which Abia people have failed to realise. A viable candidate that will rescue Abia from political doldrums is our desiderata.

It does not matter which zone or political party but the quality and credulity of the candidate is what matters most. We are desperate of a political change in Abia. The propaganda of North/South dichotomy, Christian/Muslim dichotomy is baseless and aimed at further enslavement of Abia people. We understand that any candidate elected on any political party platform, especially the gubernatorial candidate is not of any tribal leaning but of Abia State and is held responsible for his or her shortcomings. Therefore, if behoves on us all to put our best foot forward.
As the party primaries of the different political parties is closing in on us, it is important for Abia people to reminisce on their past woes and realise that it is not about party but a credible candidate that will take them to the shore. The truth must be told, Abia is drowned in the Nigerian political ocean and it is the political responsibility of us all Abia electorate to stand up to be counted. If the desired change is not effected in 2019, Abia’s political and socio- economic future is gloomy and bleak, and may affect us for the next 50 years. My thinking, therefore, is for us to consider the candidature of Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah, FCA, in the coming general elections. He has the pedigree, experience, political acumen and the wherewithal to rescue us from the political goliaths and re-integrate Abians into the main stream of Nigerian National politics. He is Abia’s best bet. This is our finest period and we cannot afford to let go. This is the time we need the collective sacrifice of all Abians. We cannot afford to play the fool a second time.

–Agwu wrote from Umuahia

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