Four years too short to develop a state, I’ve never considered joining APC –Akwa Ibom Governor Udom Emmanuel


This NDDC brouhaha is like a fairy tale without a happy ending. Let me tell you of a Mongol development story that went wrong. A certain mountain tribe in the Mongol who lived in tents would send their children many distances down the hill to fetch water from the spring.

Then came a development union who put a water pump on the hill and they could have water. A month after the Mongol community has removed the pumps themselves.

On research it was discovered that the down and uphill movement was almost a ritual to test the strength of the young and expose them to the training in Shaolin. Secondly since it was an open country, adults use that time to be adults and procreate. So that was why they uninstalled the pump as it went against their culture.

If NDDC wants to open up any road, they should ask the Akwa Ibom government what the intended development plan is. It would be frustration for a federal parastatal to open up a single lane road in an area that should have a dualized road etc.

Secondly, the quality of work matters a whole lot. One needs to know what type of trunk road he is doing. What kind of traffic is expected, what are the landmarks to be preserved for the sake of posterity.

Then also is the issue of duplication of duties and sometimes un-useful help. It is like trying to open up an area with little or no traffic, or planning to open up an area that has already been treated by government.

Legally, the land belongs to the state government, no law empowers the NDDC to own land. The Land Use Act is very clear about the reserve to land. Except the road wants to be built in another astra plane, the NDDC needs to seek the permission or acknowledgement of the state government.

Another thing is this, when the road is done, it will be not managed by the NDDC, but by the state. Resources of the state will be spent on ventures like sweeping and gutter maintenance and other extended services that may be required. So how do you make a government own what they had no initial hand in?

It is baffling that the NDDC boss is an Akwa Ibom person who for some very selfish reasons does not want to discuss the development plan he has with his own state government.

akwa ibom Governor Emmanuel defining moment and the approaching hurricane

Former NDDC boss Igbim Sementari came to the Governor Udom Emmanuel with her development plans for Akwa Ibom how much more Mr. Nsima Ekere. You see it is one thing to preach unity and claim you are not at loggerheads and it’s another thing for you to really practice it in principle.

No matter how genuine the intention of a robber is to help you, you will always refuse the help simply because he broke into your house uninvited. Planting pockets of developments in the state without the consent or knowledge of the state chief executive is as good as robbery. Even Robin Hood in all his good intent for the people was declared wanted by the State.

If the NDDC cannot submit their plan for Akwa Ibom state for vetting, simply for the sake of synergy they should forget developing anywhere. It’s one Akwa Ibom not two.

By the way the water pumps till today is in the mongol tribe at a shaolin school used as weights. NDDC should take note lest their help become our weight and weigh us down. Yak ndi.

Uko Edet, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

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