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I’ve seen and read about the well earned but unpaid entitlements of retired and active civil servants in Akwa Ibom State.

The local tabloids of a couple of weeks back brought to our attention the agonies and frustrations relatives of our retired teachers are going through because the leaders of government have neglected paying their retired parents their due pension and gratuity.

Sometime last year, the leadership of the Akwa Ibom Local Government Service retirees threatened going to court because government refused paying their members their retirement benefits from 2009 all through to 2015.

But how can one reasonably explain why our State that grossed total revenue in excess of 4 trillion Naira and got scandslously indebted to the tone of over 300 billion Naira between 2007 and 2015 is said to be owing tens of hundreds of retired workers who have put more than 30 years serving to us???

Against this background, I deeply empathise with and understand why the Akwa Ibom NLC is now propitiating Omneity to intercede in their favour by prodding the clique of ultraselfish and insensitive leaders in government to pay them their due entitlements.

Without mincing words, fewer things are as tragic as the kind of political leadership that Akwa Ibom had especially between 2007 and now.

As it relates to the welfare of civil servants, I find it seriously perturbing that the leadership of government between 2007 and 2015 brazenly conspired to make some 5 billion Naira of the Local Government Pensions Funds to develop wings and fly out of the State treasury.

I’m reliably assured that this is why LG pensioners have not been paid their due entitlements since 2009. I understand the EFCC was invited to investigate this fraud early 2015 but the “continuity” successor intervened and account books are being currently cooked up to hide the theft.

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Of late, we’ve been jawjawing on this platform about “Leadership.” Some young lads here are of the strong opinion that the political leadership Akwa Ibom had between 2007 and 2015 was exemplary and did chalk up some “accumulated positives.”

And I ask: what is “exemplary” and “positive” about a particular set of political leaders who have no scruples whatever about vanishing the entitlements of civil servants who have put in the best part of their lives serving the State??? What is “positive” in and what manner of leaders luxuriate in obscene opulence while its members pleasure in seeing their subjects pauparised???

It is heart wrenching that while tens of hundreds of retired civil servants and teachers are suffering in anguish daily and dieing instalmentally because those in leadership of government have converted their dues to aggrandise themselves, this same crop of “leaders” put their claws in government till, using the pilfered funds to bribe each of the some 1,500 guber delegates one million Naira for a day’s job they were bound by fetish and sorcerous oaths to return.

Now, are these the kind of hallmarks that morally conscientised and right thinking people can pass off as “accumulated positives???” What will become of our society tomorrow if this is unfortunately allowed to be the governing impetus that drives the coming leadership???

My final word. I strongly believe in the efficacy of prayers. However, I think the leadership of the NLC in AKS is not sincere to both the retired and active Akwa Ibom workers. If they are sincere, they must pronto invite the EFCC, ICPC and DSS to probe the magical disappearance of 5 billion Naira LGP funds and also the vanishing of 15 billion Naira of AKS contributive pensions funds.


By Ita Awak

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