Amaechi and Non-Rivers Indigenes Involvement In Government


While scrutinizing his government, as was reported on Mar 11, 2012, Governor Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State pronounced that over 2,000 Rivers and non-Rivers indigenes have so distant benefited from his Special Overseas grant programme. Unlike a administrator we knew who believed so many in a indigene and non-indigene dichotomy in his state, we have to regard Almighty God that he is currently branch a new, if he could contend that non-Rivers residents also benefited in a intrigue intentional to serve tellurian collateral enlargement in Rivers State and a country.

This competence not be a initial time he was involving a non-Rivers in such scheme. But what done this testimony so singular was a fact that a administrator once saw Rivers State politics to go usually to a Rivers State indigenes not until we during a Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV) started origination a voice listened by a media opposite such unpleasant mindset of a administrator and each normal Rivers chairman opposite non-Rivers proprietor in a state. Inter alia, matter credited to a administrator like, “Rivers income is for Rivers people” altered to “Rivers income is for efficient people” when he started conference a literary salvo.

The reversal of a administrator from his former matter was hinged on his self-assurance that his associate inland contractors, many of them, unhappy him and couldn’t broach on a contracts his supervision awarded them. However, either his criticism of involving a non-Rivers in that intrigue was a small pronouncement, it is even improved than his once un-edited comments famous of him in a duration he insincere energy newly and his physique denunciation that suggested that he wanted each non-Rivers chairman proprietor in a state to “pack and go”.

Conversely, as a publisher (Reporting for a improved Environment) committed to civic and village life, Odimegwu Onwumere, a Coordinator of CONIRIV was spurred into complete origination of approval to sensitizing a ubiquitous open and pressurizing a supervision on a outcome of bad policies to a sourroundings and tellurian rights as they describe to education, health, politics, tellurian rights, child rights, sourroundings etc. Founded in 2007, currently a organisation can exaggerate of over 300, 000 members sparse opposite a universe in saying that a government’s policies impact a rights of migrants in Rivers State, positively.

Description of a initiative:
CONIRIV regulates media briefs on environmental and tellurian rights programme by several newspapers and famous websites, by mails generated to these several media organizations for covering a overview of a discussion. Apart from regulating a newspapers and websites, vital use of amicable networking sites and other amicable media are put in place to foster and marketplace a gratification of a multitude and people. Onwumere pays his colleagues to promote a announcement of his briefs.

The doing of this devise requires entrance to all aspects of a media platforms, and not singular to a sold one. He does this given an lengthened assembly creates a core temperament to effective code approval of a theme of regard opposite over all media, blog, brand, sale sites, when he circulates his briefs about a threat opposite a multitude and a people from any quarter, yet restriction. He even establishes relations with famous giveaway organizations and socially obliged business people to network with him.

He had been in a onslaught before CONIRIV was founded. In a decade and, in this crusade, those that have review about his inputs have pronounced that he incited out to be one of a best activists in a globe. He has successfully been formulating limit impact by media strategies. In his crusade, he thoroughfare remarkable emanate associated to a whole routine if a problem was not nipped into a blossom immediately like sourroundings and open rights.

People deliberate him on any special issues as they describe to a writing, politics, supervision policies, and he helps in saying that a rights of a people are not hampered by a emanate adjacent to his conference – media – when faced with conflict of those who might not like to hear about a society’s cheer and their perception. He does all these benevolently. Though, he finances a plan to a tinge of $30, 000 (USA Dollars) annually.

He uses coop to extend messages over a capability of munitions, Strategic Planning for Blackism and African and multi-cultural projects, Establishing functions in line with artistic projects and humanism, Environment and Child/Human Rights Crusade, Citizen/ Grassroots Journalism, To Promote and make Good communication skills, High agility, Commitment, Teamwork ability, Good personality, Ability to work underneath pressure, Analytical skills, Ability to transport and Ability to make destiny projections a bedrock of all, yet especially, a downtrodden.

Amaechi and his aides would demonstrate that Onwumere has created over 3000 articles on a emanate of Human and Environmental rights on (Nigeria, and during large) a Rivers State and Niger Delta region, that was characterised by belligerent vigour groups and abduction activities in a new past. Onwumere had viewed life melancholy calls several times. Some of a callers pronounced that they were militants, assassins and contingency fish him out, no matter where he might run to given of a visual articles he had created on Amaechi-led supervision to see governance over usually Rivers indigenes. As a result, Onwumere has been forced to go subterraneous many times for fear of his life.

To date, Onwumere with his broadcasting beginning has effected change in a supervision policies. Migrants are being allocated in a supervision of Rivers State by a inland politicians. There is a humanface giveaway preparation and health caring process on a thoroughfare of a check “Social Contributory Levy” by a State House of Assembly. Albeit, a check would need relatives to compensate a certain volume of income to element what a state supervision would yield to capacitate a students that would benefit acknowledgment into a new indication delegate schools suffer giveaway uniforms, sandals, books and feeding, as opposite what students used to pay.

If a schools assign fees, many bad relatives can't means to send their wards to a school. There’s vigour on a Assembly to cruise a significance of a check to a common adults and pass it into law. His vigour followed in origination a supervision lerned people during Benin Republic for a Songhai Model Farm. Primary Schools and Health Centres, a Governor had positive a people that agreement for a remaining ones would be awarded, while those nonetheless to be finished would be monitored to safeguard early completion. Onwumere was not relenting in saying that life is bettered for a people vital in a civic and farming towns of a state.

CONIRIV’s involvement in Human and Environmental rights has to a vast border brought a tolerable approval and alertness in a minds of a indigenes and non-indigenes in Rivers State and in a supervision of Rivers State to honour HUMAN DIGNITY. Onwumere has been lenient a supervision with REVIEWS about a government’s policies and suggestions on how to improved humanity. He is always questioning a areas that compulsory a government’s courtesy generally on a area of infrastructural decays and various in a communities.

He was pronounced to be a heading voice on tellurian and environmental rights in a province. He has consistently done it probable for migrants in Rivers State to be listened by their host. He has tirelessly focused some-more on a vital regard of non-indigenes, that is their reserve and security. Emphasis have been given to a confidence threats emanating from certain persons’ utterances, sketch courtesy to identical quarrel chants in 2004, that noted a conflict of predicament and distrust in Rivers State. He has attempted to electioneer that lives were not mislaid anymore distinct when militants in a state took adult arms opposite Nigeria in 2004 or 2000 as he proudly has announced to a universe in his crusade. His activism has influenced tellurian beings and a sourroundings positively. Today, a non-indigenes are not (perceived to be) threatened with quarrel drums as were severally targeted opposite them. They were ever prepared to embark on an exodus to their States of origin. Non-indigenes, some of whom returned to a state, can means another plcae of businesses and lives, yet prejudice.

As distant as campaigning for tellurian and environmental rights in Nigeria and around a creation are concerned, Odimegwu Onwumere has brought about a kind of approval and notice that a non-indigenes and a open domain enterprise in line with their choice of aspiration. He has built a ability to win and keep a well-respected and really successful spectrum of special publics operative in settle with his drive: pool of famous political, mercantile and amicable power-brokers and influence-wielders in terms of a strength of their joining to his preferred success. This description of people is indispensable down-linkers and re-enforcers of electioneer messages in pivotal areas of decision-making within and outward a domain of his choice. He has achieved a essential gains that any well-schemed romantic aims to grasp as follows:

Top-Of-The-Mind Public Awareness Of The Project.
A Most Favourable Disposition By The Public For The Activist That Culminates In Coming To Consonance With Him.

In line with a above and in a deficiency of a transparent and minute brief, his innovative aspiration has brought celebrity thus:

Generate and conduct surpassing streams of information about him and his aspiration opposite a world, with special concentration on Rivers State.

Mobilize, classify and means a absolute group of media functionaries (editors, writers and reporters) to dedicate themselves to his course.

Use of a many suitable media communication collection to emanate endless and enthralling approval about his activism quest, with a idea of induction that as a Reliable Leadership Brand in a minds of members of a ubiquitous public.

Effectively managed himself as a Brand. This is veteran media communications that concentration on deepening his recognition by building and regulating special platforms that purebred him strongly in a open alertness in a demeanour that secures their emotions, sentiments and clarity of care choice of him.

All of a above and some-more have been successfully carried out.

Transferability and up-scaling:
Odimegwu Onwumere started this beginning in his community in 1996, pity fliers and bills to people. This metamorphosed to writing. It began to enhance with his arrangement of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA), a non-profit classification that provides a portal for all people yet many generally immature people to find inspiration, demonstrate their rights, entrance information and get concerned in improving their internal and tellurian communities on a quarrel opposite Child Abuse.

His query for tellurian and environmental rights did not exclusively exist in vital form. He used “all a means necessary” to pass his information, incompatible violence. It was when he took a electioneer to a media that it became internationally.

Despite miss of financial donors, he never waned to take his summary to a West end. His idea of enlargement is to move equivalence to tellurian habitats all over a world, wondering because few people live in lavishness to a wreckage of a infancy that live in slums and in contemptible poverty.

Today, his programme that was a toddler, Onwumere is flooded with calls and emails from a media, groups, individuals, sourroundings and tellurian rights organisations around a universe seeking his criticism on an emanate or a other. His stream enlargement is to settle a edition organisation that would concentration on edition unpublished writers, regulating a deduction to change a lives of those in a towns and villages he has not slept for their betterment. This organisation can usually be achieved if he receives supports to a tinge of $1million (USA Dollars) from a ubiquitous public.

Recognition of a initiative:
Over half of 150 million Nigerians and non-Nigerians during home and in a Diaspora have famous this project. They are strongly behind Onwumere for a good work he is doing in sensitizing people on a issues of tellurian and environmental rights. The 2006 WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY GLOBAL ACTIVITY REPORT praised him thus:

To commemorate a World Environment Day, The Port Harcourt Link Club orderly a array of events, that culminated with a display titled, “Desertification in Nigeria”. The settle reached was to spin working-women into growers of trees, instead of small collectors of wood. A special poem “Sahara Desert” by Odimegwu Onwumere was also stoical and celebrated. Rowland Ogundu was fascinator, The Port Harcourt Link Club.

Amaechi has shown that he was not a stonehearted chairman with his attribute with non-Rivers residents, yet his former showing opposite a non-Rivers people in a state was a Adamic state of mind of many. Because of a outburst in 2007 that there was ostensible to be a non-Rivers Commissioner in his cabinet, we have currently listened that he did not disappoint, by appointing a non-indigene as a Commissioner in Rivers State, a initial to occur in a state. Some Permanent Secretaries, Chief Press Secretary etc. were among those pronounced were non-Rivers persons in his government.

Notwithstanding, we are wishing Amaechi a best in his order given he has chose to spin a new leaf. He should also drastically demeanour during a roads, schools, hospitals and each other supervision projects he has instituted if they are operative in tandem with a purpose for environment them. While he has pronounced that over 2,000 Rivers and non-Rivers indigenes have so distant benefited from his Special Overseas grant programme, we interest that he should not destroy to do some-more and that are happy that even yet that Odimegwu Onwumere was risking his life in saying a improved integrated Rivers State, some non-Rivers indigenes are currently benefiting from his protestation. We appreciate a Almighty who has been by Onwumere’s side, a media that assisted in no-less ways in origination certain that we succeed, and all who have stood by a side.

Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State (CONIRIV). Email:

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