Anxiety in Ondo over arrest of Boko Haram insurgent



Ondo boko haramOndo boko haram

Following the last Sunday’s arrest of a suspected Boko Haram insurgent, Bashir Mohammed in Isua-Akoko, Akoko Southeast local government area of Ondo state, security has been beefed up especially in the four local government areas.

Our Correspondent observed that soldiers at various check points have embarked on intensive search of vehicles and passengers travelling on various routes in the area.

The 20-year old suspect while being paraded by the Police last Tuesday in Akure, said some of his colleagues were scattered in the Southwest states including Ondo state, thereby causing anxiety in the state.

At various motor parks and other public places, it was noticed that the photographs of the wanted Boko Haram members were conspicuously pasted.

The Chief Imam of Ikare Akoko,Sheik Abbas Abubakar urged residents not to entertain unknown persons in their houses or mosques.

He called for self-security consciousness to prevent unforeseen circumstances.

Also, at a meeting of the Ansar Ud deen(AUD) Society of Nigeria held on Saturday in Ikaram-Akoko, its National Organising Secretary,Alhaji Ibrahim Kilani condemned terrorism, stressing that Islam abhors killers of innocent souls.

Kilani urged the people, especially those in the border towns of Akokoland such as Ajowa,Isua and Akunnu to be more vigilant and report strange faces to security operatives around for prompt action.

The Commissioner of Police in the state,Olugbenga Adeyanju said the commitment of his command led to the arrest of the two suspected insurgents.




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  • This captured Bobok Haram terrorist must be exterminated forthwith as Boko Haram terrorists have inflicted too much destruction and killing on innocent Nigerians in the North-East region of Nigeria.Now, that Boko Haram terrorists are venturing out to other parts of Nigeria, once they are captured they must be made to face the ultimate penalty of death by firing squad.

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  • And yet some so-called SW leaders are complaining that we dont need Crocodile Smile in the SW!😕😕

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