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Kota Kinabalu: The Civil Defence Force (APM) will request for more assets from the Government to meet the growing challenges in facing natural disasters.

Its Operations Deputy Chief Commissioner (PA) Roslan Wahab said the force was in the midst of discussions regarding the assets required, including amphibious, in the wake of increasing flood incidents in the country.

“These assets include five units of five-tonne lorry, seven units of seven-tonne lorry, 12 units of sea-legs and five units of amphibious vehicles.

“The vehicles are used nationwide where Sabah and Sawarak will each get one amphibious vehicle,” Roslan told a press conference during the APM State-level 65th anniversary celebration at the Sabah Indian Association, here, Wednesday.

He said the vehicles, especially the amphibious, are highly required especially when it comes to accessing a water-routed operation area.

“The process to travel from one place to another during a rescue mission is complicated when it comes to routes that require to pass through rivers or floods.

“Sometimes we will need to cross rivers to reach our rescue site, so with the amphibious vehicles we will be able to move faster than before,” he added.

He also said APM Sabah, which currently has 130,000 personnel across the State including volunteers, is facing new challenges, apart from natural disasters.

“Not only natural disasters but also man-made disasters are in our list of handling such as landslide caused by irregular development or accident,” he said.

During the event, 30 APM personnel were given recognition presented by Roslan.

Five of them were promoted, 24 received medals and one was presented with a certificate, in honour of their efforts and courage especially during the natural disaster that hit few districts in the West Coast recently. – Jeremy S. Zabala

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