Asking Igbos to quit northern Nigeria is ‘high level of insult’ – Akwa …


Asking Igbos to quit northern Nigeria is ‘high level of insult’ – Akwa Ibom Speaker

Onofiok Luke, Speaker, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly

The Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Onofiok Luke, has described as a “high level of insult” against every Nigerian, the ultimatum by the Arewa youth that the Igbo should quit northern Nigeria before October 1.

Mr. Luke, who is also the vice chairman, Conference of Speakers of State Houses of Assembly in the South-south zone of the country, said Nigeria had passed the stage where people could continue to hold on to tribal differences.

He challenged northern leaders to rise up and condemn the action of their youth.

“If we have been preaching unity, if we have contributed our quota in this part of the region to build infrastructure in the entire country, the North inclusive, we take it as high level of insult on our collective sensibilities for anyone to call on fellow Nigerians to vacate their region,” Mr. Luke said Thursday while receiving a delegation from a socio-political group, ‘1 for 8 Initiative’, which visited him in his office in Uyo.

The speaker said, “We all have only one country called Nigeria. And we will work assiduously for the unity, love, progress, prosperity, and peace of this country”.

Mr. Luke is a former speaker of the Nigeria Youth Parliament.


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  • Buhari is an evil ,a plaque and a big disaster to Nigeria, I warned this old man that his sadistic enterprise shall disintegrate Nigeria, when this disintegration comes to fruition, the almajiri 12 desert Islamic terrorists enclave shall become the habitation of wild serpents, donkeys and imbeciles.
    May God save Nigeria for the sake of the innocent children in the 12 desert ravaged northeast and north west.o

    • Very interesting word’s from you. But is there anything wrong for those people you call names to ask you to leave them alone and fine a peaceful place of yours to leave? Since they are what you call them?

  • Very rich, this coming from Mr Luke now. Where was he when Nnamdi Kanu established a pirate radio station whose stock was an endless verbal assault insults targeted at other ethnic groups esp the Yoruba Hausa? Where was he when Nnamdi his co-travellers were calling people idiots, animals parasites in open court? What did he do or said to caution IPOB/ MASSOB when they were demonstrating fighting constituted authority? Where was he when they intimidated, harassed subjugated everybody in the South East on May 30th, to remain indoors against their wish? As I said earlier, this is really very rich coming from Mr Luke. Try again.

    • Where is the law that states that you cannot call people names? Folks have the right to speak freely, it’s called freedom of speech. BUT I CAN SHOW YOU WHERE THE LAW PROHIBITS TERRORISM as practiced by your people all over the world. And the world is going to STOP you all.

  • what I find very difficult to understand is, where were all these people when IPOB, MASSOB and co were running their dirty mouth saying rubbish about Nigeria and Northerners? where were they? why now that we have spoken and made our decision that you will open your dirty mouth and start crying louder. You slap me first, and you are crying louder than me

  • Now they are talking becouse north has make their case. Why this people can’t face those who started this nonsense (Kanu) and warn him. Why the hate calling them names parasites, Almajiris, cumcubine Etc. And still want them to remain happy. Those of you should have warn him rather than given him a special treatment like a celebrity. Please always think twice before you complain.

  • Insult ke?

    Quitting the North is a Yibo idea, we are just trying to FasTrack it. Also, they should leave the SW.

    Enough is enough.

    Let each tribe stay in their fathers land.

    • If each tribe stays in their Father land, you may have to go back to Benin. Becareful what you asked for.
      Nnamdi Azikiwe got Nigeria from Britain.

  • Let them come back home.

  • 2019,wht u will here we are one nigeria

  • But Biafra is not an insult abi?
    You can’t eat your cake and have it Mr Speaker.

    • No, Biafra is not an insult, it’s a process that will complete.
      The individuals who are of Igbo tribe who choose to live up north have the right to do so. At the same time, the nation itself has the right of self determination; do you get it now? Go back to school via adult education, perhaps that may civilize you. Everything is not just terrorism you know, tell your people. Be civil!

      • Poor you.
        First you are neither civil nor educated.
        Where is incivility in my comment?
        Igbos will have no right to live in the North the moment Nigeria breaks up.
        While your ancestors walked naked mine were fully clothed and literate.

        • You and your ancestors are cursed to be terrorists forever; Remember Innoson Motors? They can quickly convert to making Tanks and Helicopters, and Jets to deal with your ass, and guarantee that Igbos live wherever they choose. Plus Trump in America, the Pope, and other Christian nations, you are going to be finally dealt with this time. This is not 1967, after Nigerian troops killed your trouble making fathers, Britain rescued you.

          • Poor you!
            You believe in Trump, we believe in Allah.
            You attest to your savage upbringing.
            I only responded to a newspaper report, a democratic right.
            But as is usual with your type, these are the invectives you are hurling.
            You need psychiatrist’s help.
            Unfortunately your mental imbalance seems innate, no hope.
            Our nation is better off without you.

  • Mr Speaker, Igbos can’t eat their cake and have it. It is simple, they want their own state and not one Nigeria. Sorry if they all go to their states, kidnapping, robbery and killing will be the order of the day. More trouble for the four states, that is the more reason for the outcry against the quit notice.

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