‘Bridge work, a poor plan’


MORE THAN 700 people in seven settlements along the Nakorotari road have labelled the proposed bridge extending across Waikisi on the other side of the river as a poorly planned initiative.

Satulaki villager Romulo Ratubeni said despite being promised a bridge near their village in the past to cater for their people, nothing had been done.

Mr Ratubeni said children and pregnant mothers continued to cross rivers during floods to reach services.

“Our women were promised a bridge, but to date nothing has happened and now we watch the construction of the bridge further down the river right beside a hanging bridge which is already catering for people on either side of the river,” he said.

“Therefore we were seeking Government’s assistance for the implementation of the proposed bridge to cater for our people.

“Our cries have fallen on deaf ears and we continue to be denied the assistance we were promised.”

Another villager Temalesi Diiloilo said expectant mothers in the seven settlements had to find lodging in homes across the river when their due dates were near. Ms Diiloilo said the least that Government could do was to move the proposed bridge close to their village.

“Our ancestors were promised this bridge a long time ago and we continue to wait watching our children brave floodwaters to attend school.”

Responding to these concerns, Fiji Roads Authority chief executive officer Jonathan Moore, said the Nakorotari bridge was for network enhancement.

“This is to improve overall access and connectivity in the area,” said Mr Moore.

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