Defecting APC members digging own graves, says Edo State dep. gov.


Paul Orude, Bauchi

Edo State Deputy Governor, Comrade Phillips Shuiabu, has warned that the All Progressives Congress (APC) members in the National Assembly who defected from the party would regret their decisions, saying most of them would not be re-elected in 2019.

Speaking with journalists, in Bauchi,  Shuaibu argued that most of the House of representatives members and Senators who defected from APC got elected in 2015 on the popularity of President Muhammadu Buhari.

In the words of Shuaibu,  “The National Assembly defectors, look at their pedigree, you’ll discover that even in the general elections that brought them in presently, Buhari got more votes in their Constituencies more than they did.

“So, what will happen in 2019, go and mark it down, rapture will take place in the National Assembly and it will start from these defectors first because most of them cannot go back to their Constituencies.

“The decisions they took are decisions by themselves, for themselves and for their pockets not for the Constituency.

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“So we are waiting and watching but I can tell you that from my little experience of playing politics, because I was in that House, majority of them will not return to the National Assembly because that decision was personal, not for their Constituencies”

On the Ekiti governorship election in which his party’s candidate,  Dr. Kayode Fayemi won, the Edo State Deputy governor, said: “There are two bulldogs in PDP. I won’t call the other one but the other of the bulldogs of the PDP is Fayose and you know how loud his mouth is.

“There are two of them that have loud mouth like that and they can say anything that they want to say but, you saw how the people of Ekiti decided that an intellectual state like that cannot be run by a loud-mouth and an ‘agbero’ like Fayose.

“They decided to replace him with an intellectually mobile Governor because they made a mistake before not to allow him to come, even though we know he was rigged out. But they have spoken again that they are Intellectually sound.”

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