Drivers told to take extra care


Motorists are being cautioned to take extra care when driving along the road during the current bad weather affecting the country including Honiara city.

The bad wet weather as experienced has posed many dangers to drivers given the slippery road condition with the never-ending potholes.

A senior police officer said since the country is in the current wet time of year drivers have been advised to take extra care when behind the wheels.

“Speeding is also being discouraged.

“Drivers should also watch out for these things during rainy session; first, and for most drivers should check that their vehicles is road worthy before driving out,” he said.

The officer said, another vital thing to look out for is condition of the roads whether it is safe to drive or not.

“Not only that but to look out for falling trees and power lines because in rainy sessions like this anything can happen.

“It is always good and important that drivers make good decision and put safety as their first priority before driving out from their homes,” he added.

Meanwhile, the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) over the weekend warned the public to be vigilant in what they do as the country will experience bad weather.

NEOC said a heavy rain warning is enforced for all the provinces in the country

“This heavy rain will likely to cause flooding to creeks, streams, major rivers and drainages.

“People living in or close to these areas are strongly advised to seriously take safety action and extra care.

The NEOC office said the heavy rain warning is current for all Provinces was a result of a trough lies over Solomon Islands and links to a Tropical Low located south of Western Province. 

“Associated heavy rain is expected to affect the Solomon Islands.

“Such localised Heavy Rain may lead to flash flooding or flooding over communities living close to large rivers, streams and low lying areas,” it said.

NEOC also warned motorists to use extreme caution when travelling in these areas.

“Do not attempt to cross rivers and large streams of unknown depth.

“People are therefore advised to take precautionary measures because of flooding that will pose danger to lives and properties.” The NEOC said.



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