GIG Group launches first innovation hub in Edo State


The GIG Group took Edo State a step closer to becoming visible on the global map with the launch of the GIG Innovation hub last week. Funded by the Edwin Ajaere Foundation, the GIG Innovation hub is a GIGM CSR initiative to empower students in secondary and tertiary institutions within its immediate environment. Through an annual curriculum, participants will take courses in both web development and programming.

Housing the GIG Innovation hub is Nosakhare Model Education Center Benin City

GIG innovation Hub workspace

Interestingly, the shift away from the regular incubation/entrepreneurship program to focus on student-empowerment is a smart move that encourages students to embrace technology at a very young age. This will shape the young minds for optimum participation in the new economy.

students at GIG innovation Hub workspace

Participants at this hub will be primed for active participation in advanced innovative fields such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This will power new systems and unlock unimagined possibilities.

“The world is increasingly being dominated by the use of technology. Outside of Africa, technologies like advanced robotics, electric and self-driving cars, artificial intelligence are already far-adopted whereas, in Nigeria, some of these concepts are alien to us. As an innovative company, God Is Good Motors (GIGM) believes in the future of technology in Nigeria. We are doing our part to pioneer this future by empowering the young generation in the technology space. The salvation of our great country hinges on these three things: education, technology and leadership,” – Chidi Ajaere, CEO The GIG Group.

This is why the GIG Innovation Hub has been equipped with advanced IT facilities to help drive the agenda into reality.

computer facilities at GIG innovation Hub

If organizations replicate this initiative across Nigeria, it has the potential to allow Nigerian youths compete favourably in this digital age.

In the mean time, the approach is to take this project one community at a time with the hope to partner with state governments and technology entities to scale up.


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