Governor Ayade issues riot act to Cross Rivers workers who embark on strike


Though, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and her counterpart, the
Trade Union Congress (TUC) have concluded plans to embark on planned

industrial action from Monday, June 19th over demands on several
promises that have not been fulfilled by the Governor Ben Ayade-led

government, has issued riot act on any civil servants that joins the strike action in the state.

The NLC and TUC had planned to go on strike a day to the visit of the
Acting President, Prof Yemi Osibanjo, but for the respect of that Acting President, the strike was hurriedly called off though unconfirmed sources alleged that some millions of naira passed hands before the strike was called off.

However, government and organised labour hurriedly signed an agreement with the government promising to

implement the agreement, but nothing was done shortly after.

Now the two unions have agreed to embark on strike on Monday to
demand for unfulfilled promises. The groups accused government of

refusal to pay in full all gratuities of retired civil servants, promote civil servants, release impress to ministries and terminate the use of consultants in the payment of salaries. The group said the General Assembly voted in favour of the strike action and nothing they could do for now.

“There is nothing we can say when the general assembly votes in favour
of an industrial action. You know we are leaders and our mandate is
validated by the general union assembly, if they have voted in favour
of a strike, there is nothing we can do” the Chairman of NLC, Comrade
John Ushie was quoted to have said.

Reacting on the intention of organized labour planned strike, government of Cross River State has issued a riot act on any civil servants that embarks on industrial action on Monday. Government in a press release warned civil servants to retrace their steps.

In the press release signed by Special Adviser Administration, Governor’s office, Mark B. Obi and repeatedly aired on state radio and television stations, the government warned civil servants that they should

remember the labour law that says no work no pay and warned them to
rescind their decision on the planned strike action.

“The organized Labour should carefully note that relevant section
of the Nigeria Labour Acts which provides for No Work No Pay. The
Cross River State government uses this medium to appeal to the
organized labour in the interest of state development to shelve the

proposed industrial action and allow government the needed atmosphere to implement the agreement as reached.”

“All civil servants are pleased advised to take note and be at their
respective duty post to discharge their function as required on Monday
19th June 2017.”

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