Group mobilises for democracy, devt in Bayelsa


By Samuel Oyadongha

YENAGOA—THE Campaign for Development and Democracy in Bayelsa, CDDB, has said that it had begun mobilisation of Bayelsa State people for a credible and people focused democratic and development driven Bayelsa.

Coordinator of CDDB, Dr. Welson Ekiyor, who disclosed this in Yenagoa, added that the group has commenced consultations with various groups and stakeholders in the state on the need to involve the people at every stage of the political governance process in the state.

He said: “The issues we are discussing are all tied to politics. How we want to be governed, what  to do to bring social change, the challenges of the democratic process in Bayelsa  and the political economy of the state. Others include oil politics in Nigeria, the battered psyche of the electorate in the state, how to checkmate the snatching of ballot materials by thugs and the profile of a model governor.”

“The group is also examining the successes and failures of all civilian administrations in the state since 1999, the 21 years journey of Bayelsa and the 18 years of democracy in the state.  Have we fared well as an electorate? Are we participating in the political process in the state? If not, what are we doing wrongly? What can we do to develop democracy in the state and stimulate development.”

The group noted with regrets that Bayelsans have allowed a small political elite to impose leaders on them for too long and stressed the need for change.

According to the group,  “All over the world, voters we letting politicians know that it can no longer be business as usual. In the United States, United Kingdom and France, we see how a wine of popular change and Bayelsa cannot be different.

“We need a people driven political process and office seekers must be made to realise that they seek public office and remain in office at the pleasure of the electorate, and are accountable at any time to the electorate.”

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