Haiti – FLASH WEATHER : Vigilance maintained, provisional …


Haiti – FLASH WEATHER : Vigilance maintained, provisional balance sheet
09/05/2017 09:09:28

Haiti - FLASH WEATHER : Vigilance maintained, provisional balance sheet

The rains from severe to moderate intensity accompanied by winds and thunderstorms, which fell on 6-7 Mayin nearly all the country’s departments, resulted in the drowning of a 6-year-old boy in a tumultuous branch of the La Victoire River (commune of the same name). In addition, lightning struck a 17-year-old teenager in Sainte-Suzanne (Northeast).

At least 400 families were directly affected in the north by the bad weather and flooding of the rivers of Borgne, of the Grande rivière du Nord and of Limbé. In the localities of Dufailly and Nan Bwapen, houses were flooded or damaged and gardens destroyed.

Minor flooding occurred in Ouanaminthe and Ferrier and landslides were recorded at Vallières and Mombin crochu in the Northeast.

Landslides were reported on the road of Carcasse (1st section) and Jogue (2nd Section) of the Irois in the Grand Anse, where the rivers Matador and Glace in floods washed away cattle heads in the localities La Hatte (4th section Tozia) and Gros pleine Etoné (5th section Duchity).

Runoff water damaged agricultural roads and affected several urban centers and caused extensive deposits of alluvium and mud, like in the city center of Môle Saint-Nicolas or at the Cap-Haitien.

Dans les départements du Sud, du Sud-Est, de l’Ouest, des Nippes et de l’Artibonite, des impacts allant de faibles à modérés ont été rapportés.

La Protection Civile a procédé à quelques évacuations notamment dans des communautés à risques situées sur les berges des rivières et des ravines, dont un bon nombre sont entrées en crue à travers le pays.

Given the possibility that the weather will persist until Tuesday, May 9. ccording to forecasts from the National Meteorological Center due to the passage of a cold front on Haiti and the saturation of the ground, which could cause floods and landslides, the Ministry of the Interior maintains the call for vigilance launched to the public, especially the residents of areas at risk.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Directorate of Civil Protection remind citizens that it is strictly forbidden to cross rivers and ravines during floods. It is also advisable to remind residents in agglomeration that it is dangerous and strongly discouraged to go on foot, by motorcycle, on the back of an animal and even by car when the waters overflow the roads, to avoid the risks of unfortunate accidents.

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