‘How I Flew My Barber from Lagos to Port-Harcourt for My Wedding’ – Julius Agwu


Julius Agwu

At a first contact, Julius will definitely strike you as a compete clown. This goes to buttress why he’s into the laughter business. Although he might have been one of the successful Nigerian comedians, when it comes to his comedy-like music, he hasn’t really won many fans to himself. In all, he’s a goal getter, he always has the right set of jokes at the right time and he’s an excellent fashion personality.

Julius Agwu is our celebrity guest on today’s Hair Ways. Read On

Have you ever added relaxer to your hair? Yeah. Ah ah, you no know me? In those early days, I used to blow my hair. When I released mu first album in 20012002, I had my hair curled. I still had the curls up till the time I used to anchor ‘Laugh Line’ on NTA Channel 10.

How old were you then? Has your scalp ever got burnt by those relaxers you applied? Yes nah. But na dos ones wey dem dey do under the bridge o.

So why did you decide to go on a low cut? I decided to cut my hair because I don’t believe in looking haggard. As an artiste, one must look clean because it’s a show business, the fans will expect one to look nice and presentable for the business to keep moving.

Were there times you’d thought of putting your hair into weaves? No. I’ve always loved to dress to kill so, the only thing I’ve ever thought about is how to wear good clothes. Check out my clothes don’t you admire me? Weaving my hair will make me look out of place. For now, l like my hair low.

Can you colour your hair then? Yes. I can do that for a good purpose. For instance if have a very important role to play in a particular event, I ‘ll gladly color my hair because I know it has to do with my profession. But anything outside putting up a performance, I can’t.

Some men can barb their hair themselves. Do you barb yourself or do you have a barber? I didn’t learn the trade of barbing so I can’t barb my hair myself. Yes, I get one barber. His name is Abbey, he’s a local barber.

How did you meet him? I met him where I used to live at Falolu in Surulere. He’s been my barber for a while now I and I’m used to him barbing my hair. I like how he handles my hair that during my wedding, I had to fly him from Lagos to Port Harcourt before I could have a hair cut. I’m so used to him that I usually find it difficult to barb my hair any time I travel away from Lagos. So I always wait until I get back to have my hair cut. Now that I’ve moved to Lekki, anytime I can’t go to Surulere, he‘ll have to come down to Lekki to barb my hair. People have asked me to change him but I’m just addicted to him.

Can you shave your hair for any reason? I can if I have an accident that affects my head and I’m under compulsion to barb it. Okay, I can barb it to perform a role too. But anything aside that, I can’t. Can you imagine me with a skin cut? I can’t even imagine it myself.



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