How Nigerian govt, states shared N2.56 trillion in six months – Report


How Nigerian govt, states shared N2.56 trillion in six months – Report


The federal government, thirty-six states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, have so far shared the sum of N2.56 trillion in the first half of 2017 from the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC), an investigation by Economic Confidential has revealed.

The report by the economic intelligence magazine shows that apart from the federal government that got N1.09 trillion, Akwa Ibom has the highest allocation among the states when it received N92.72 billion within the period under review.

Apart from Akwa Ibom, nine other states who received the largest allocations are Lagos with N91.45 billion, Rivers comes third with N81.41 billion. The fourth position was grabbed by Delta with N71.98 billion, while Kano State got the fifth place with N62.90 billion, throwing a derivation state of Bayelsa to the sixth position with N61.45 billion.

Others among the first ten are Katsina State in the seventh position garnering N44.80 billion, Oyo hits number eight with N43.78 billion, Kaduna manages with number nine position with N42.60 billion and the tenth place surprisingly goes to Borno State, with N39.63billion despite the calamities that have befallen the North-eastern state.

The Economic Confidential search further reveals that the states with the lowest allocation from the Federation Account within the period under review are Gombe on the 36th position with N24.87 billion, followed by Ebonyi State with N24.91 billion in the 35th position, Nasarawa State in the 34th position with N25.41 billion. While Ekiti and Kwara states took the 33rd and 32nd positions respectively with N25.57 billion and N26.48 billion.

In terms of geo-political zones, the findings show that the six states in the south-south zone got more than double what the five states in the south-east got within the period.

The South-south states put together got N368 billion; the North-west took the second position with N283 billion, sending the South-west states to the third position with N262 billion.

The North-central geopolitical zone got N190 billion to stand at the fourth position, while the fifth and the sixth positions went to North-east and South-east with N189 billion and N154.7 billion respectively.

See chart here.


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  • The Federal Government ought to put aside monies that must be paid as salaries for state government workers, teachers, civil servants, health care workers etc. This must be done before greedy State Governors divert all the money into their pockets and then claim their state us completely broke.

    • By the way what is the template for deciding what each state receives?

      No wonder Udom Emmanuel is proposing to build a new government guesthouse in Lagos.

      Of the one trillion plus the federal government I wonder how much is allocated to education, including ASUU, and how much for the lavish maintenance of members of the national assembly.

      Looking at these figures any wonder why the likes of Nnamdi Kanu agitate for separation. There has never been a targeted federal efforts to rebuild the Igbo states following the ravages the zone suffered in the civil war of 50 years ago.

      One would be surprised at how little the jumbo allocations to the SS states actually benefit the average citizens of those states.

      • Yes the fault lies in the Ibos themselves—-Instead of them to push Obj into creating a development Commission for the South east—they lured Obasanjo into including them in the NNDC————in d SS——————————————————NOW THE NORTH EAST have their own development Commission———————————–with Bingo Buhari borrowing more than 1.1b for them from the world bank-while the SE wallows in poverty

        • Did your Ijaw brother achieve that? You were visible during Jonathan, what did he do for the south South?
          It is high time you woke up from your unending tirade and lets face what must be; going ahead. I am not Igbo you should have known by now.
          Your Amasoma brothers planted the first bomb in less than a year after Jonathan took office and he had to fight for survival of office through the years. Then in his faint heartedness, he handed over his office to his enemies. Your sister Diezani was another of such error, then your neighbour and next of kin Amaechi became another sore
          Before i said jack, Your Seriake Dickson allocated 10,000 hectres of land to foolani herdsmen for grazing, if not that the women protested, for a state that hardly have farmlands.
          Tell me if you were not visible then? What were your inputs and how did it pay off? The same Igbo you chide at every opportunity voted more for Jonathan than even the ijaws. Today, the Yorubas are doing under-G empowerment of their people and completing Federal projects in their land.
          Please give us a break.

  • A nonentity called Minister of Federal Allocation sharing. Her brain is as dead as Buhari’s own. While the CBN Governor who manages monetary and micro-economic side of the country struggle to get things going, the blank head is asleep.
    I wonder if she also takes Buhari’s kind of medicament, because both of them are the pains of Nigeria today. She first of all need an Arithmetic teachers, before she can proceed.
    Charly Boy, please stage a sack protest at Unity Fountain for Kemis’s sack, as your effort has brought the head of the Jackals back.
    It is a shame that the Yoruba’s best for a job meant for cerebral brains and minds is Kemi.

    • Something is wrong indeed with your head, what in the world is your headache?

      • Ofe manu kini? Śé o ti ya were? Ori é ti baje; ómó ale. Ki lo ‘ruko baba é? Ló dó mama é; pe o mo baba é gan? Ómó asewo kobo kobo!

  • Suffer Suffer for the South South—oil producing states enjoyment for their people in heaven–animals

  • With all this billions my community Ogurugu nothing no bridge linking to the community with the State, please Hon Onwubuya which sin has Ogurugu committed, Enugu State Gorvernor Hon Ifanyi Ugwuanyi which sin have we committed, no road, no water no hospital

    • No mind them. The Swiss government is popping champagne today. 99% of all that money will end up in their banks. This is after our thieving governors finish buying exotic cars for their prostitute girlfriends. Nigeria has become the European Bank Employment Machine. Shame.

  • Ebonyi at 35th and the governor has already made such huge strides. Shame on some higher-up states.

  • I thinks those that are shouting resource control should realise that what they got is more than what any other part of the country got.
    It’s only if they want to make other region more poorer that they will be shouting resource control.

    • You are a rogue. Your military fraudsters created more local government to enable you collect more Federal allocation for your states. Then you ensured there was no local government autonomy, so the states could add those Local Government allocation to your states to even up with the resource rich states.
      So, you want to be equal to them? You do not even have the brains to compete with them, therefore you want to hold on to Nigeria forever.
      Unfortunately, all the monies your people get are spent is acquiring wife assets (liabilities) in whose bossom the monies goes through Gold jewelries and upkeep allowance for their redundancy in wifely (aza room) services.

      • What concern you with how we spend our money?
        If you want resource control, go to the NA to tell Nigerians on how those who do jot have oil will get their Money.
        Every section of the country must not be left behind.

  • Oh south east I pity these innocent people! Must they be the last in every good thing in Nigeria? Though I don’t think Biafra is the best solution but these people are really suffering. Let’s address these issues coz if you suppress somebody for too long, he might actually start thinking of killing you and committing suicide. Let Nigeria not become another Syria. We all know that the crisis in syria started as a result of suppression of some people.

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