How police rescued women from illegal orphanage homes in Akwa Ibom


How police rescued women from illegal orphanage homes in Akwa Ibom

by Emmaudom123

April 13, 2012

          How police rescued women from Illegal orphanage home in Akwa Ibom 

              By Emmanuel Udom

When I read in the Vanguard newspaper today, how police rescued some ladies from an illegal orphanage home, what comes to my mind is the desperation on the part of some Nigerians to become wealthy at all costs.

Do not get me wrong here. I am a patriotic Nigerian, who is interested in ensuring that peace, progress and development rein in our county that is widely regarded as the giant of Africa.

But, I feel humiliated when a baby factory was discovered in Uruah local government area of Akwa Ibom state, south-south Nigeria. Governor of the state, Godswill Akpabio is an action man, who has performed creditably well to deliver democracy dividends to the people of the state. The facts are there for people, who visit the state to see.

But, I was pissed off when I read that in Uruah, young women are forced to bear children, who are then sold to people for money.

“We discovered the baby factory in Uruah local government area of the state during a raid following a tip-off. Assistant police superintendent, Oyekachi Orji, lamented to AFP of the allege operation of fake baby factories that Akwa Ibom state.

According to him, seven women between the ages of 18 and 20, including three who were pregnant, were freed from the home during the April 4 operation. No babies were discovered.

This, I must say is barbaric even as the police officer revealed that three  suspects including the owner, his wife and another accomplice were arrested.

“The suspects usually lure young girls to get pregnant with a promise of 70,000 naira (340 euros, $445) after having their babies, which they sell to ritualists,” he said.

Police sources in Lagos and Abuja told our reporter that such these allege baby factories exist in various parts of Nigeria, where ladies sell their babies to childless couples.  Human trafficking is common in Africa, due to poverty and low literacy level, even as the governor of Akwa Ibom state is has made education at the primary and secondary school level, free.



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