Kode 9: The Best Burger Spot You Can Find In Port Harcourt And More…


The Nigeria Explored Series has seen me visiting various locations in Port Harcourt and Kode 9, Port Harcourt was one of the locations on my radar. Kode 9 is rumoured to be the number 1 location when it comes to the best burgers in town and so I had to go find out for myself if this was actually a fact or rumour.

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Kode 9 Burgers

Kode 9

On arriving at Kode 9, I was warmly welcomed by their friendly staffs and shortly after; my burger arrived.

Here is the truth; I’ve had burgers from some of the biggest fast-food brands worldwide and the Kode 9 burger is sure in a league above the rest.

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The burger is what you can call a handcrafted piece of art. Just from the depth and the first bite, no one needs to point out that everything about this burger and the way it was made is different.

From the texture to the ‘juiciness’ of the ingredients used, the only thing that comes to mind after the first ingest is the question of your next visit to Kode 9 for some more.

Meet The Burgers



Kode 9

Innocent or guilty becomes a real matter of perspective after you’ve parlayed with this bad boy … One part cheese and one part omelet, The Dasuki can play nice with either side. Loaded with sliced ham, sautéed onions, and sweet bell peppers, The Dasuki is the perfect way for your mouth to start or end the day.

  • EAST WEST ROAD – N2000

Kode 9

He’s a middleman, he connects the East and the West. A nomad to nobody except the taste buds he encounters on his travels. He’s not one for words, but what he lacks in conversational skills, he makes up for in other ways … you guessed right!! … He can take you on mind trips after just one bite.

Made Up Of; Cheddar Cheese, Beef Patty, Bacon, Onion Rings, Hash Browns, Parsley Garnish, BBQ Sauce, On a Toasted K9 Bun.


Kode 9

As the story goes, a guy once dropped the Lumberjack on his left foot and ended up breaking a few bones. No one showed any sympathy since he’d been holding it with only one hand. Everyone knows The Lumberjack demands the servitude of both your mitts. Needless to say, nobody signed his cast. Rumored to have telepathic abilities, it is the only cheeseburger that can get you full by just staring at it. Loaded with more meat than the average carnivore would care to consume in one sitting, it makes no apologies if it spoils your dinner for the next few days.

  • MISS BECKY – N2200

Kode 9

Sassiness has a new definition with Miss Becky. Her caramelized onion topping gives the zing like you just had a good hairdo. But be warned, if one drop of her Dijon mayonnaise finds its way to your shirt collar, your better half might feel there is another woman in your life.

  • PETE AQUA – N2500

Kode 9

Prepare for Mardi-Gras in your mouth as Port Harcourt City looks forward to recruiting a few good eaters. This one-of-a-kind cheeseburger has Port Harcourt written all over it. Your taste buds might just be singing the National Anthem after just one bite.


Kode 9

If people are supposed to be active, then why did whoever invent couches? This mouth-watering mound of cheeseburger deliciousness doesn’t hold back a thing when it comes to flavor … Now you can hold your remote control in one hand and the Couch Potato in the other. What else could a person ask for? The Couch Potato ensures you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. So put the recliner in cruise control and pop open a cold one. You’ve earned it.

  • THE FIRE HOUSE – N2000

Kode 9

If you smell smoke when taking a bite of The Fire House, don’t be alarmed. It’s just your mind blowing up in flames. This hot and spicy cheeseburger should be eaten under the immediate supervision of firefighters wearing flame- retardant clothing. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • THE GARRISON – N2800

Kode 9

The Garrison can show up at any backyard barbecue with a confident swagger. Nicknamed “the light of the party”, the uniqueness of its chicken patty instantly draws your full attention. While its turkey ham, tomatoes, and honey mustard show off its charming nature. The Garrison has only one mission – to make the world a tastier place one bite at a time.


Kode 9

Bigger isn’t just better, it is tastier too. The grand nature of its mere presence will leave all taste buds quaking in reverence.  The delicious showcase of tomatoes, lettuce, jam and cheddar cheese happily tucked in a folded omelet serve as the perfect addition to two beef patties. We do ask you to be careful, the addiction that results from its first bite tends to be overwhelming.

Kode 9 PH – What’s More?

Visiting Kode 9 for the first time, I never knew what to expect; except going to have a taste of some burgers which it’s famous for. But upon arrival at the location, I couldn’t help but notice it was a location with a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a whiskey lounge, a rooftop bar and an outdoor area right at the entrance.

I eventually got to understand that Kode 9 works on 3 Es (Eat, Explore and Enjoy).

The Restaurant

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The restaurant gives you the option to try out a wide range of dishes; which includes a native and intercontinental menu.

Bain Marie – This section of the restaurant emphasizes on the term “fast-food”. It gives a chance for customers who may not have the time, for one reason or the other, to really sit down and enjoy a gourmet meal.

For those in this situation, the Bain-Marie is available, always packed with HOT ready-made food at a reduced cost.

The Lounges

There are three different lounges namely; Bar Kode, Red Kode and Black Kode.

Each lounge gives you a different feel and different music in order to suit the mood of any individual at any given time.

Bar Kode

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Bar Kode is a roof-top lounge that establishes the traditional beer drinking culture, with your favourite ice cold beer brands always available.

Red Kode

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This is Kode-9’s Karaoke bar, with an in-house mixologist providing an extensive cocktail menu with each drink tailored for your every mood.

Black Kode

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An exclusive lounge with premium customer service and a comprehensive whiskey menu.

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Promotional Offers At Kode 9

  • Lunch Express Menu: Weekdays from 12pm – 4pm, there is a special designated menu where all meals are N1200.
  • Power Hour: Every Friday from 7pm – 8pm everything on the Kode-9 Menu is N1500.
  • Flip – A – Coin: Every Saturday Sunday at Bar Kode; during football matches customers that buy two (2) beers will WIN an extra free bottle of beer if they can guess the landing face of a flipped coin correctly.
  • Private Parties: Special discounts are given for private parties hosted at any of their lounges.

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