Nigeria: Akwa Ibom Police Move to Retrieve Illegal Firearms From Citizens


The police in Akwa Ibom State have set up a taskforce to mop up prohibited firearms in the state.

The police spokesperson in the state, Odiko MacDon, said in a statement issued on Monday that the taskforce is headed by a deputy commissioner of police.

Mr. MacDon, who said the setting up of the taskforce was in line with a nationwide directive from the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, said the police would henceforth arrest and prosecute any person found to be in possession of illegal firearms in the state.

“All those who are in possession of illegal firearms or dangerous weapons of any kind are hereby advised to surrender such arms or dangerous weapons to the nearest police station within the given 21 days in their own interest and no action will be taken against them,” said Mr. MacDon, a deputy superintendent of police.

“However, at the expiration of the said period, the command will embark on aggressive crackdown on violators throughout the State.”

The police also requested those with legally acquired firearms to revalidate their licence.

Meanwhile, the police in the state have started clamping down on vehicles with tinted glasses and those with concealed or without plate number; as well as those without licence plate number.

“Those with government plate numbers must show allocation document or return same to the issuer,” Mr. MacDon said.

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