Nigeria: New Water Resistant Paper Egg Trays Excite Farmers …



Poultry farmers participating in the ongoing Poultry Show in Abeokuta were excited at the exhibition of water resistance paper egg tray which the manufacture says is purely made of paper instead of plastic.

Most of the participants, mainly poultry farmers made bulk purchase of the new crates, which they said would help to protect their eggs health wise.

One of the farmers, who gave her name simply as Cynthia from Cross Rivers State, said if not for long distance, she would have made bulk purchase of the trays for keeping her eggs.

Most of the farmers tested the trays by pouring water on them to see if they are really resistance to water.

Karla Koubaissi, who represented EKOPAK, the company that produces the crates, said they will help to reduce the health bottleneck usually associated with those ones made of plastic.

He said the trays are produced mainly from organic material and therefore safe for use.

A piece of the crate is sold for N25 at the stand.

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