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Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

It is now true that the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is completed. An official ceremony to inaugurate the park and open it for use by members of the public who will desire to enjoy its recreational comfort has also been held by the former Governor of the State, Dr. Peter Odili, on Friday, 26th May, 2017 as part of activities marking the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Rivers State.
The park will offer a plethora of benefits to users and indeed,  the entire Rivers State.
Discreetly,  the park is delineated. A section has been marked out for public car park. The floor is concrete and easy to allow run-off of water into the drains.  The other mass of land has been prepared as a broad field. There are purposeful walkways interconnected to offer walking pleasure to any user.
The low leveled grasses are green and preen. The ornamental trees are sparsely distributed and they offer a presence that takes away the wilderness looks. The entire park space exudes freshness. Nature is invoked and it is available to touch by lovers of recreation.
There is a central bar, which will serve as a restaurant. The bar is already presented as a public reception venue for any social activity. From this place,  it is obvious that every guest who sits under the several hut-like  shelters that dot the entire space of the park will get supply to satisfy any order made.
Again, there are clearly marked-out grounds to be used for several outdoor games. Though,  it will not be a place for fierce competition,  if the users desire,  they can compete  prayerfully,  playing the games with spirit of recreation.
Indeed,  two weeks before the formal commissioning of the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park,  Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, visited with his family. Some leaders of the State accompanied them.
The governor tried his hands on the game of golf with one of his sons. They played and the governor could not tee the ball into the hole. But his son did,  several times and over. The excitement stamped on the spectators and the feelings shared were grand.
Truly,  that signaled that the park is set for public use. It means, the interest of children and adults alike have been considered and provided for.
Later,  the governor and his wife,  Justice Suzette, sailed in the pal boat on the artificial lake created within the park.
The lake is an artificial one. But its water supply method is uniquely configured. Water could flow from the Ntawogba creeks into the lake. Since the water flow situation in the natural creek was not regular and not of the volume required in the artificial lake,  a dependable option was devised.
Two motorised nozzles of pipes are installed at opposite ends within the lake. They will serve as fountain springs and will splash water often as required. While the splatter of water becomes a appealing sight to guests, there is surety that the volume of water required in the lake will be supplied,  gainfully.
Another benefit of the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is the change it has stamped on the overall landscape of the State capital. Already,  the park is a miniature garden within the popular garden city that is known of Port Harcourt.
Surely, what several administrations in the past could not achieve beyond paying lip services, the Wike administration has achieved it. Governor Wike has proved that it is possible to restore the beauty of Port Harcourt with political will. The administration has demonstrated that the glory of the garden city cannot be lost eternally.
There is yet another benefit to derive from the park. It will be a source of revenue to the government. The park will be operated as a commercial venture.
Nigeria is still in economic recession. The Wike government has refused to be so confused.  It has thought through the box. The Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is its creation, presented as a viable business venture. It will also offer employment to youth and women.  There is no doubt that there is a general enabling climate created for the business community in the State to carry on with their activities.
The daily proceeds from the park will be direct income generated for the government. It will certainly boost its internally generated revenue profile.
When you plan your holidays or should you consider the best recreational place to visit, think of the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park.
There are many more comfort to derive. Only a visit to the place will satisfy all the recreational yearnings nursed for a long time.
Ibulubo writes from Rivers State Television, RSTV, Port Harcourt.

Tamunobarabi Ibulubo

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