Ondo community cries out over alleged marginalisation



Concerned citizens of Akoko Northwest constituency 1 in Ondo State at the weekend expressed their grievances over alleged marginalisation over rotational seat of the federal constituency at the National Assembly.

The aggrieved indigenes urged Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and other stakeholders to ensure equity and fairness.

They insisted that the slot for the House of Representatives in 2019 should go to Akoko Northwest 1 in the interest of harmony.

At a stakeholders forum, two leaders of the group, Mayowa Adojutelegan and Oluwanifise Osho said they came together because of the need to fight against marginalisation of their people .

They noted that their agitation will be better understood considering the manner the position has been rotated in sequence between the two constituencies from 1990 to the present tenure of Friday Olemija,who is representing Akoko Northeast/west from constituency 11.

Adojutelegan said,” if you follow this trend, you will realise that there is a trend which follow between the two local governments that makes up the federal constituency. No local government has been allowed to produce a member twice(succession).

“There seems to be a gentlemanly agreement between the two local governments to ensure that both local governments are represented fairly. But when it comes to the turn of Akoko Northwest I, it seems as if constituency 11 has taken representation at the House of Representatives and are bent on denying constituency 1 chance to represent their people in 2019 elections.

“Expectedly, people from Akoko Northeast realised that it is the turn of Akoko Northwest to contest but in the interest of equity, we believe that only people from Akoko Northwest constituency 1 should be considered to represent our people at the green chambers.

The aggrieved residents pleaded with the different political parties that will field candidates for the election in 2019 to consider Akoko Northwest 1 constituency, urging governor Akeredolu to allow fairness, equity and justice by allowing contestants from constituency 1 to become the next representative for the area.





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