Ondo State: The attack on Bola Ilori


Richard Akinnola

By Richard Akinnola

I have been very reluctant to discuss about Ondo state since Aketi took over and it is deliberate. However, l have to break that silence following two incidents.
One, the attack on Bola Ilori, an Ondo indigene but a Commissioner in Osun State, by thugs when he came for the APC restructuring summit. The second incident was the rush for food by some of the participants, with an Ondo state government official allegedly referring to the people as “hungry people from Osun”.

I find these two incidents quite distateful. Yoruba hospitality connotes that you protect and take good care of your visitors; and that includes protecting them from harm or any embarrassment. Reason why Col. Adekunle Fajuyi, a thorough-bred Omoluabi did not allow the July 29, 1966 coupists arrest the Head of State, General Aguiyi Ironsi without taking him along with them. He felt the Head of State was his guest and would rather die along with him, instead of allowing harm be done to him. That is the hallmark of an Omoluabi.

What happened in Akure last week was disgraceful. It is immaterial whether or not it was instigated by the SSG. And to allegedly refer to those scrambling for packs of food as “hungry people from Osun” is very base, if actually that statement was made. Whatever happened to the much-touted regional integration? Aketi needs to reach out to Rauf and apologise.

Apologising doesn’t mean an admission of guilt but an attribute of leadership that you value his relationship more than that unfortunate incident. Would it not be more embarrassing to Aketi that Rauf and Fayose have good and cordial relationship, despite party differences and the two governors who belong to the same party are behaving like cat and mouse?

Yes, l believe this is a fallout of last governorship election but it would be so puerile to still be suffering from the hangover of last governorship election when others have moved on. As someone from Ondo state, l feel embarrassed.

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