PDP can’t win again Akwa Ibom – APC gov’ship candidate


The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State, Nsima Ekere, says the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will lose 2019 elections since it has lost 90 per cent of personalities that make things happen to the party.

Ekere, who is the current Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), said this Friday in Abuja while fielding questions from journalists.

He said the APC had been transformed into an election winning machine poised to crush all opposition during the coming election.

When asked to explain the reasons why the PDP would not retain power in Akwa Ibom State, Ekere said, “We were all PDP members. The governor then, Godswill Akpabio was in PDP, the deputy governor and SSG were all PDP members and all of them are in the APC today. All the political actors then who made the PDP have all left and 90 percent are now in the APC. These were the people that usually make things happen.

“So, do I need to tell you that there is no way PDP can will in Akwa Ibom? They don’t even have the men and resources. The only thing they have is the money that the governor is throwing around. That is why you are having defection on daily basis in the state to the APC. Even government officials are resigning from the government and the party to join us in the APC. Do I still need to tell you that we will win?

“Let me add that the number one responsibility of government is security of lives. Akwa Ibom used to be a very peaceful state. I can tell you that today, in three local government areas in the state, the people cannot sleep at night.

“They have been overtaken by cultists, there is insecurity and yet, the governor is scoring himself 100 percent in terms of security. So, you can see that the people of the state have totally lost confidence in the government.

“Even the basic assets the government inherited, they are not able to maintain them. From the airport into the town, we use to have street lights. Those lights don’t even work now. We have one of the best hotels in this country, go there now and see. So, many things he inherited are not being maintained and nothing has been added. That is why people are unanimously rejecting him and his government.

He said the APC had emerged stronger after the governorship primary in the State, stressing that all aspirants that slugged it out with him had united behind him.

“Akwa Ibom APC is one as we speak. We are a one united family and we are ready for the general election, fully reconciled,” he said.

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