PDP New Media In Imo State: Opposition Calls On Governor To Fix Deplorable Roads


The People’s Democratic Party, PDP New Media has called on Governor Rochas Okorocha to wake up from his ceremonial duties and construct several bad roads in the capital city, Owerri, Imo State.

In a media outcry, the spokesperson for the opposition party, Mr. Aic Akwarandue outlined more than twenty-six roads in deplorable condition in the capital city, Owerri including,

  • Chukwuma Nwaoha link road,
  • Udogu St. Major road to Egbu-Shoprite,
  • D’tiger by Chukwuma Nwoha and Egbu-Shoprite,
  • Holy Cross-prefab link road,
  • New Stadium Lane by Weatherall, Owerri,
  • Relief roads,
  • Amuzari street by MCC, Owerri,
  • Toronto road safety, Owerri,
  • Toronto Roundabout – Orji, Owerri
  • World Bank by Port-Harcourt road
  • Lakenwaebere street, Owerri,
  • Aladinma Link road to Chukwuma Nwoha road.
  • Smek road by Bishop’s Court, Owerri, etc.

In the statement themed, Unveil your Quality Projects before Unveiling your ‘Suck-Successor’, the New Media Directorate, Imo PDP wrote:

“As an opposition party, our joy will be fulfilled if we have a better-governed state. We are not afraid to stand an election with an upright person. It will only create room for great ideas and a fact-oriented challenge. We also understand that governance is not easy.

“We understand the challenges. But what we are saying is that what is worth doing it’s worth doing well. You can not build today, destroy tomorrow. It’s an abomination, yes an abomination for an administration not to outlive its projects. In fact, it’s the worst you can have in governance.

Imo State

“We have taken time to move around our major roads linking directly to the city. We noticed that these roads are in deplorable conditions. Some of us are embarrassed identifying ourselves as Imolites because outsiders who have the idea of the real Imo state of today are finding it difficult to take us seriously.

“Imo State of today is a state without integrity. It’s a state without quality. It’s a state of impressionistic development. Most of these roads were constructed just three months ago, some are not even up to one year. Some are as recent as two or three weeks. What manner of government is this?

“The PDP New Media team calls on the governor to fix these roads and save Imo State the continuous embarrassment we receive from outsiders. You can not be painting pictures that all is well with Imo on AIT, Channels and TVC, while the real Imolites are suffering.

“We don’t have roads to go to school. We don’t have roads to go to the markets. The markets that are close to us, you have destroyed. This wickedness is indeed too much for Ndi Imo.

“However, it is now clear to Ndi Imo that a man who cannot deliver quality roads, quality healthcare, quality education, quality leadership, cannot in any way produce a quality successor. If Imo continues in this line, we will end up having a governor who will continue in this method of poor leadership.

“What it means is that His master who is the ‘outgone’ governor will want him to use the same contractors he used, use the same methods he made and in totality adopt his style. There will be no room for quality. We will continue in this trial and error government. A government of self-deceit.

Imo State

“Imo state people must not be fooled with the usual song of ‘let’s vote someone who will complete my projects’. We should rather ask whenever they come with that pattern; where are the projects? What quality are they? We should rather be worried about the sincerity of the person and his loyalty to the state.

“The worst mistake Imo people will make in 2019 is to elect someone who is not loyal to the State. Loyalty to the state will mean that the person will respect our tradition. The person will respect the rule of law, the person will have the fear of God in him. A man who doesn’t have these qualities will always see leadership as a difficult task.

“I commend the members of the Directorate and the PDP at large, especially those who have taken up the responsibility of exposing the bad government of APC. Though they will tag you OPPOSITION, be proud to answer it.

“Let it be the price you paid for quality leadership to be enthroned. Let it be the ultimate price you owe to Ndi Imo. One day, posterity shall remember that we once existed. One day, Imo people shall remember that we spoke on their behalf.

Imo State

“The PDP believes that Imo State deserves the best. They deserve quality leadership. They deserve responsible leaders. They deserve trained and well-prepared leaders. They deserve leaders who are very sincere.

“That’s why we have taken our time to collect these pictures. Not to expose the government but to use social media as an avenue of reaching out to the government to call on them to fix these roads. They were elected to fix them and not to give excuses. Those who watch these roads on AIT, Channels and co are not the users of these roads. Imo people are using them.

“The suffering is too much. And they have endured enough. The so-called ‘Urban Renewal’ is a fraud. It’s just to deceive those using Wetheral, Bank Road and Okigwe Road that something is happening. When the entire city roads are impassable.

“The deceit is getting too much and we must continue to rise up in defence of our dear people, Ndi Imo. The time for liberation is now. We must adopt the hard way which is the only way. Don’t be deceived.”

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