The Office of the Governor of Edo State has in the past few days been inundated with various public comments, criticisms and (in some cases) opportunistic posturing by the political opposition party regarding a “Grazing Bill” currently said to be under consideration by the Honourable Members of the Edo State House of Assembly.

The Government would wish to make the following facts clear to concerned members of the public:

(i) The Government has absolutely no knowledge of or participation

in the said bill particularly as same is certainly not an Executive

Bill and did not emanate from Government House;

(ii) Preliminary enquiries indicate that the said “Grazing Bill” is a

private member bill currently undergoing consideration by the

Legislature in furtherance of its power and responsibility in that


Whilst the Executive arm fully respects and recognizes the vital role of the Legislature in the Law making process, Government is concerned at the fact that no prior consultation or engagement was initiated with other arms of Government regarding such a sensitive issue.

The Government has requested a copy of the bill under consideration, and intends to study same and make its view thereon known at the Public hearing proposed by the House on the matter.

Government expects all Edo citizens and stakeholders to take advantage of the hearing process to canvass their views in the true spirit of democracy in order to assist the House to come to an informed decision on this matter and reflect the clear views of the generality of our people.

Mr. Governor therefore appeals to all concerned to remain calm as no decision has or can be reached on the matter without the participation of all stakeholders and urges politicians not to misrepresent facts or take any cynical or opportunistic actions which may unduly heat up the polity.

Osarodion Ogie, Esq.,

Secretary to the Edo State Government

30th June, 2017

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