#Pulse36 Day 8 : Asaba calls


Today is our first day of rest.

Before we
even set out, one advice Travel writer, Pelu Awofeso gave was “rest every 6/7
days”. So it’s safe to say we were just following advice.

So maybe
we’ll just recap.

Our Day 1.

Sunday. July 2. Our first stop was Ijebu-Igbo. Oke-Ire to be specific. There we
found the tomb believed to hold the body of the Queen of Sheba, Bilikisu

Queen of Sheba, Bilikisu Sungbo's graveplay

Queen of Sheba, Bilikisu Sungbo’s grave



Day 2.

weren’t shown around the palace of the Awujale of Ijebu Land, but we still
managed to grab a photo or two.

Benin Cityplay

Benin City



Then off
we went to Ore, the food bus stop of Nigeria. Then Ondo Town, where someone is
never met before insisted he pay for our hotel for the night. Bless his soul.

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Day 3 was
for Idanre:

Here, we
climbed and explored 800 years of history at Idanre Hills.

Idanre Townplay

Idanre Town




Day 4 was for Benin.

But we
made a quick stop at Ore. Said bye bye to new friends we might never see again.
Then we were off Benin City. 5 minutes in and we were already in the hands of
the police. Just their routine bullying and tensioning.

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We had
equally amazing hosts here. Ring Road blew our minds.

Day 5 was
a UNIBEN kinda day.

And we
were blown away by the incredible art we saw everywhere. So much so, we had to
come back;

On Day 6:

We spoke
to more students about their art. And more. And more.

Day 7 was
for Wafi.

And we
had the most amazing hosts in Warri. From Collins to Oreva, to Kevwe.

Discussing with our host Collins, Oreva, Kevwe in Warriplay

Discussing with our host Collins, Oreva, Kevwe in Warri



It’s Day

That's Roland in white. Hosted us for one night and it was amazing.play

That’s Roland in white. Hosted us for one night and it was amazing.



And Asaba
is calling, the stories it holds are endless. And so we must answer.

*All photos were shot on the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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