Sam Amadi’s team preaches tolerance in Imo


At a time, many political gladiators and aspirants are preparing their political war-chest to wrest power from the Rochas Okorocha’s alleged imposed family dynasty, when other political ambition-seekers equally think that power would come from ‘fighting and abusing’ their opponents, soft-talking Sam Amadi, is thinking it should be ‘tolerance.’

Amadi, PhD, a governorship hopeful, who was immediate past executive chairman of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), says “political tolerance” would do the magic of carefully wresting power from the present foraging ‘Okorocha Co incorporated’ in the Eastern Heartland state, Imo.

As a result, the erstwhile NERC executive chairman has called on incumbent Governor Okorocha and other politicians across the state, to ensure political tolerance in the state. To Amadi, politically-motivated clashes in the state that are being currently perpetrated, “is unhealthy.”

He spoke in Owerri, the Imo State capital earlier in the week, when he was addressing members of his campaign organisation, “Team Positive,” which is his major political outfit in the state.

“What happened recently during which Archbishop AJV Obinna was allegedly attacked was avoidable. For political leaders across parties to be present and watch their supporters misbehave, is an indication that they were not in charge of their respective political structures,” said Amadi.

According to him, the political clashes in other parts of the state, indicate that, “if nothing happens now with a view to arrest the situation, the entire state would be turned into a war zone.”

For the former NERC executive chairman: “equity, truth and fairness to all political gladiators in the state are key to ensuring a lasting peace in the state, the electorate and the people to be voted for.

On what he would bring to Imo State, Amadi informed that his administration would bring about productivity, improved healthcare, human development and accountability.

“Every town in Imo State will have a functional healthcare centre, incorporating ICT [Information and Communication Technology] for effective (disease) diagnoses.

“The new Imo approach to rural healthcare is early diagnoses and prevention through an integrated sustainable livelihood system,” the governorship aspirant said.

He equally informed of ensuring leadership accountability to the people. “Accountability is ruling in righteousness,” he further said.

“It is being a good steward of the resources of the people. It is being a faithful trustee of the collective will of the people. The new Imo (under my leadership as governor) will bring back Dr. M.I. Okpara’s formula that made the South East’s economy the fastest growing economy in the world in early 1960’s.

“My priority will be on the establishment of town and village enterprises, industrialisation and low-tech innovations,” Amadi said.

Meanwhile, he has denied authorising the publication of a statement allegedly credited to him, of blaming former governor, Ikedi Ohakim of betraying Imo people; which laid the groundwork for his eventual defeat at the 2011 Imo gubernatorial election; thereby leading to the emergence of incumbent Governor Okorocha.

“I did not authorise that publication. (Chief) Ohakim, (Hon. Emeka) Ihedioha, (Mr.) Frank Nneji, myself, Sam Amadi, and many others who want to be governor in 2019 have been tested in areas of handling public and private matters.”

“But for the electorate, they know the most qualified person (amongst us); and it is very certain that the people of Imo State would think towards my direction as a visionary leader, tested and proved to be more competent to manage the affairs of the state,” Amadi stated.

He has, therefore, urged Governor Okorocha, who leaves office on May 29, next year, and who has variously touted handing over to his son in-law, Uche Nwosu, to “be prepared to widen the political space in the state, with a view to accommodating all interest groups with different opinions and political associations.”



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