Senior Police Officers accuse Abia CP of attempt to frustrate their promotion




Senior Officers under the Abia State Command of Nigeria Police Force (NPF) have accused the State Police Commissioner, CP, Anthony Ogbizi of attempts to deny them of being promoted by the Police Service Commission (PSC).

Some of the senior officers who spoke to reporters in Aba on Wednesday on anonymity for fear of being victimized by the police authority in the state alleged that Ogbizi refused signing their Annual Performance Evaluation Report (APER) Form ahead of their anticipated promotion by the PSC even after submitting their forms to the CP since October 2017 to append his signature.

They claimed that the Abia CP, by his act has shown that he was out to frustrate them from being promoted.

 According to one of the senior officers, the anticipated promotion was for officers confirmed as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in 2014, those promoted as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in 2015 and those promoted to Superintendent of Police (SP) in 2014 respectively.

The source alleged that their APER Forms that were supposed to be signed and submitted to Force Headquarters Abuja on or before the 30th of this month, were still with the CP and feared that they could be denied of their promotion if the CP fails to sign and do the necessary things before the deadline.

According to another senior officer, the signal with the number: “Cb 4001 Fs Fhq Abj Vol 5 398 Dto O!!7 30 03 2018  Ingenpol Direcj You Forward 2015 2016 And 2017 Aper 4 ASP Confirm 2014 DSP Promoted 2015 And SP Promoted 2014 To Reach Abuja On Or B4 30 3 2018”, which should have made the CP to hasten to sign their Apearance Form seems to mean nothing to him.

 “Signal was brought since the first of this month that Abia Command should bring our Aper Forms before 30th of March. Since that day, we’ve been going for them to sign it, but the CP dumped it there. He needs to sign and send to the AIG to sign before sending to Abuja.

“His delay in signing it is causing a lot of problems and discomfort for us. Why can’t we be promoted after we’ve suffered to serve our father land? Other commands have done something about this, but Abia CP just sat on our own.

“Imagine something that deals with the welfare of his personnel he’s saying he’s in a conference since Monday that nobody should disturb him that he’ll do it anytime he likes. Very soon the month will finish. The forms have been with him since October 2017, but he never attended to them until the signal came to him.

“Why would he try to deprive us of our promotion? Didn’t we work for it? Are we supposed to beg for what is due to us? We want the highest authorities to hear us and save us from suffering over one man’s negligence to duty.”

Until the time of filing this report, the Abia State Commissioner of Police, Ogbizi was yet to reply to text messages sent to his mobile phones by our reporter over the allegations leveled against him by his men.


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