Students design cycle that can be used on water


Students of BLDE Engineering College here have designed a cycle that can be easily used on water.

The students of the Electronic and Electrical Department of the college, with the help of their teachers, have designed the 25-kg cycle, which they claim will be of great use to fishermen, for people to cross rivers or even just for recreational purposes.

The cycle has been designed at a cost of ₹7,000 by Sanjana Kolur, Shivayogi Koti, Channappa, and Anil Nimbal. Lecturers Prashant Kadi and Shobha Savanur guided the students. “The vehicle can be used to cross rivers or lakes during heavy rains or floods. Also, light objects can be easily transported on it,” Ms. Kolur said.

She claims that even fishermen, who use coracles for fishing in backwaters, can use this cycle as an alternative to their traditional boats.

Mr. Kadi said that they used easily available objects such as old bicycle, 7-ft long two PVC pies, solar panel, controller, a mini-motor, and two batteries to build the cycle.

He explained that the cycle can be operated three ways— by peddling, using solar power, and using battery. “In case the solar panel does not function because of limited sunlight or if the battery fails, then one can peddle the cycle,” Mr. Kadi said.

The students have already held a successful demonstration of the vehicle in the backwaters of the Almatti dam.

Mr. Koti said they plan to upgrade it, if required, based on the need.

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