Umuahia deserves to be safe haven

Enyimba city’ll redefine S/East economy – Ikpeazu
Abia State Gov Dr Okezie Ikpeazu

It has always been said that any society where there are no
laws to regulate activities of man or his conduct with fellow man is headed for
anarchy while the citizenry live at the mercy of hoodlums or law breakers.

The implications of having a lawless society are enormous as
it instills fear in innocent members of the society while such misnomer is
capitalised on by criminals and other societal miscreants to unleash mayhem in
a porous society. It is against this backdrop, that the action recently taken
by the Abia state government to shut down brothels and other criminal hideouts
in Umuahia the State capital is a feat that would continue to receive accolades
from Abians especially those who live in Umuahia metropolis.

Brothels in our contemporary society have been turned to
places where miscreants congregate and perfect their criminal plans. Majority
of crimes committed in our society today, are stage managed or planned in
brothels where the master planners spend quality time denting the names of such
brothels and their owners.

Bringing it down further, popular brothels located around
Cameroon Street off Owerri Road, Orlu Street, Arochukwu streets in Umuahia
among others, play host to criminal elements as well as prostitutes from
different States in Nigeria who reside in these places and flood the streets of
Umuahia at night especially along Isi gate axis. A visit to some of these
brothels, one would see all kinds of faces, haggard looking and irresponsible
displaying their trade.

The fact remains that if we must have a decent town and
state devoid of criminality, harassment, robbery, drug dealing, rape of
innocent citizens, car snatching that has become almost a daily occurrence in
certain spots in Umuahia, government must beam their searchlight on Isi gate
axis and other flashpoints. The area especially at night, plays host to
different classes of people all in the name of business transaction while
little or nothing is done by government to monitor all that transpire in the
process business at Isi gate.

In as much as the harsh economic realities on ground is
bitting harder and people are looking for means of livelihood, the government
can make traders at Isi gate relevant and viable by finding a permanent place
of business for them rather than constitute nuisance at Isi gate. Ensuing from
the activities of these traders at night, Isi gate axis has been made a busy
area for travellers and visitors to the state whose first point of contact is
Isi gate before they can continue with their journey.

Some of them tell negative stories when they leave Abia
state which paints the state black in the eyes of the world. For a saner Abia
State, the state government must act swiftly to decongest Isi gate and other
city centres seen as flashpoints where innocent residents and visitors are
robbed of their valuables.

Abia State can be made a safe haven if the government can
find a permanent solution to the congesting nature of Isi gate Umuahia, am not
saying that people should be barred from doing business in Umuahia, government
can make the businesses more viable by providing a more central area that will
be less busy but strategic for businesses to thrive. Umuahia deserves to be
like other decent towns in Nigeria and the time to achieve this feat is now.

 Izuchukwu Nwokoma is
a Journalist and a Commentator on burning national issues.(E-mail:
[email protected], phone number:08038207365).

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