Why Some Jeep Wrangler Owners Are Very Positive About an EV …


I shared my Jeep EV story at Jeep Wrangler JK-JKU 2007-2017 group on Facebook, which resulted in very interesting discussion. In fact, the electric truck may well be the future of off-roading, reports Road and Truck. Here are some excerpts from the chatter.

Why Are Wrangler Owners Positive About Jeep Wrangler EV

They say electric motor means big instant torque. “Electric cars are renowned for their instant torque deliveries which lead to ferocious acceleration off the line,” writes Car Throttle explaining how EV makers produce this immediate torque and why can’t good old internal combustion get close?

“I would really love it if there was an electric conversion I could look to rather than a Hemi or LS,” writes a group member Chris Walsh. “We have been watching these options closely,” he adds.

Some people favor a hybrid option. They say electric motors powering the wheels with a small gas motor to generate more power would be perfect. “No issues with transfer cases, gearing locker, or worrying about needing massive skid plates to protect the middle bottom of the car. Potentially you could even get better clearance through the middle and across the axles. Heck, you could have fully independent suspensions for each wheel,” writes Andrew Rostek.

At least one person mentioned that Jeep had already built one, but apparently because of the government bailout loan several years ago the EV program was shut down. I can’t verify this information at this moment. If anyone knows, please comment with facts.

EV Jeep Wrangler and Water Concern

One person in the group had a concern about electric Jeep Wrangler. “My concern would be water, what if there was high water or a stream crossing? How will this affect the electric motors or are they that well sealed?,” asks a group member named David.

He has a valid question. I don’t know how other electric vehicles deal with water issue. But I guess, for now they are not going to cross rivers like Jeeps do.

In the meantime, we see from this Youtube Video that electric Jeep Wrangler can impressively, smoothly and quietly cross any extreme terrain.

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