Why we embarked on operation show your vehicle particulars in Edo — Revenue Board


By Simon Ebegbulem

BENIM CITY—Edo State Revenue Board has said that it decided to embark on the operation “show your vehicle particulars” to check car theft in the state.

According to him,”the focus of the exercise is just to create awareness and to see the level of compliance by motorists. I think it is important for citizens of Edo State to know that there is a need to comply with the law which requires them to have their vehicle documents in place, whichever type, private or public.

“We have limited the documentation checks to the driving license, the number plates, their authenticity and their validity, their road worthiness and insurance. The minimum check of your insurance will be your third party.

“We expect that any vehicle on the road must have insurance for third party. Those are the limits in which we are checking for documentation. It is not about witch-hunting or catching motorists on the roads. No, it is not part of our duty. Our concern is that you must have your vehicle properly documented.”

“I sit in the office and I get a report from the Nigeria police investigating a crime or an accident that a particular owner should go and give details of how they came about their ownership of such vehicles.”


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